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Diabetes Leads & Diabetes Mailing Lists

We have the freshest diabetes leads and diabetic meter
responder database available in the industry.

Available Filters:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Credit Card
  • Hotline
  • 90 Days
  • Phone
  • Geography
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Our diabetes leads are derived from self reported information so they are 100% HIPPA complaint. These known diabetics have all responded and requested a free new diabetic meter and more information on diabetic products. You are able to filter our diabetes list by age to target people that qualify for Medicare or Medicaid which usually covers diabetic supplies.

We can even include phone numbers on our diabetes leads.  Ask us how we do it!

This new highly target diabetes list is perfect for a variety of offers including diabetic offers, medication offers, insurance, books, magazines, donations, magazine subscriptions and many more.

Call 888-556-3282 or email us for a free diabetes leads quote today.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Clients Are Talking

Jeremy ( has been a great help in targeting prospects for my business. Jeremy has helped me refine my searches to boost my response rate of qualified prospects and improve my return on investment. He has also shown great support after the sale. Recently, my direct mail fulfillment house messed up a big campaign, and Jeremy worked directly with the fulfillment house to come up with a win-win resolution that fixed the problem and saved me money.

Ziggy has been great to work with. He is fair, honest, and cares about his customers. We are happy with the lists from and will return again. Thanks Ziggy!

Jeremy always provides prompt service and his lists have generated solid results for my clients. Great work!

We are very pleased with the list data purchased from Our expectations on price and accuracy were met effectively. Thanks again!

Jeremy is honest, reliable and provides the most cost effective data lists available!

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